Oystercatchers Awards 2018_03

Understanding of the industry

Oystercatchers is one of the UK’s leading marketing management consulting, and marketing outsourcing companies. We see excellence everywhere in our industry. The awards have been carefully constructed to acknowledge and celebrate this.
Oystercatchers Awards 2018_01

Calibre of judges

Judged by true marketing experts, our jury are no strangers to excellence; this makes them perfectly placed to recognise and reward yours. The judging panel includes marketing and brand directors from successful global brands.
Oystercatchers Awards 2018_128

Specialism & focus on agencies

In our tough, changing, but exciting industry, the Oystercatchers Awards showcase how the best agencies are evolving with their clients to deliver growth, creativity and excellence that constantly surprises and delights.
Oystercatchers Awards 2018_08

Recognition from peers and the industry

The Oystercatchers Awards culminate in a ceremony in London this November, bringing agencies together for a celebration of excellence. A win establishes you amongst your peers and demonstrates your successes to the wider industry.