Who can enter the awards

The Oystercatchers Awards are open to marketing agencies (both members and non-members of the Oystercatchers Club). Some categories require a joint submission from agencies and their client partner(s) - please check the individual category criteria. Unless specifically stated in the category criteria, the entries should only focus on work carried out in the UK.

What is the entry format

The entry – submitted online – comprises a 150-word summary and three questions of 400 words (note in some cases you are permitted more words, check the individual category process for further details). These questions aim to explore three core areas:

  • 400 words: the background.
  • 400 words: what you have done.
  • 400 words: the results & evidence.

    Begin your entry online to see the specific questions for the category you wish to enter. You may also upload supportive creative images and assets to help illustrate the entry and aid the judges in their evaluations.
  • Who will see my entry

    The entries will be seen by our jury, who all sign non-disclosure agreements to ensure protection of any commercially sensitive information.

    Oystercatchers, or its sister brands across Xeim, may wish to publish case studies or ask you to speak at our events based on your entry. Please mark any commercially sensitive material in your entry.

    Awards checklist


    Complete the questions
    150-word summary
    Any supporting images or charts
    All permissions obtained (if using client partners’ work as part of your entry)


    Entry fees

    Oystercatchers Club members
    First entry: £250 + VAT
    Subsequent entries: £150 + VAT

    Non-Oystercatchers Club members
    First entry: £350 + VAT
    Subsequent entries: £250 + VAT

    The Oystercatchers Awards is an Xeim event. Xeim helps our clients achieve Excellence in marketing. We do this by providing all the insight, advice and connections that marketing professionals need to stand apart from their peers.


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